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Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Home :: SONY. Printable version. It's perfect if you want a direct replacement for your old remote control, and controls all features just like normal. Original manual applies. Same size as the original. You'll also get a defect warranty of a full year and a money-back promise if you want to return it within 30 days. Add to cart.

Ask a question about this product. This remote is a like-for-like replacement of the branded original, and one of the many hundreds of thousands of original remotes we've sold across the UK since ! Unlike some cheaper replicas out there usually too cheap to be true , we only sell this genuine remote control for the STRDB direct from the manufacturer with a 1 year warranty. Arrival in working days, with many orders arriving the next working day.

EX A setting is ideal for normal stereo sources such as CDs. This is a standard mode, great for the source signal does not include an LFE signal, watching most types of movies. EX B output to the subwoofer. This mode is ideal for watching science-fiction or action movies with lots of sound effects. This mode is Press MODE repeatedly to select the sound ideal for watching musicals or films where orchestra music is featured in the soundtrack.

Reproduces the acoustics of a classical concert hall. Reproduces the acoustics of a jazz club. Whenever you select a program source, the sound field that was last applied is automatically applied again. XXX dB Subwoofer level you customize a sound field. The initial setting is 0 dB. Lets you adjust the level of the speakers center, Adjusting the LEVEL menu surround left, surround right, surround back or subwoofer.

These settings x D. The setting of the EFCT. Lets you compress the dynamic range of sound tracks. The dynamic range is compressed dramatically. This greatly compresses the dynamic range and lets LEVEL menu parameters you view movies late at night at low volumes. XXX Front speaker balance analog limiters, the levels are predetermined and provide a very natural-sounding compression. Lets you adjust the balance between the front left and right speakers. XXX Effect level Lets you adjust the size of the current surround effect. You can switch the audio input mode for DVD 1 Press the button for the component playback.

Even if other signals are input, sound is still output. Sound may not be output depending on the selected source. Selecting a bilingual play Using the Sleep Timer mode Dual Mono You can set the receiver to turn off automatically at a specified time using the remote. You can select a bilingual play mode to enjoy DVD software etc.

The remaining time Plays back the main channel from the left appears in the display.

Sony STR-DB AV-receiver review and test

By decoding the surround back signal of DVD software etc. When the system is set to other sound fields, standard 48 kHz decoding is used. How to select the surround back decoding mode You can select the surround back mode you want according to the input stream. Input stream Output channel Applied surround back decoder Dolby Digital 5. This decoder conforms to Dolby Digital EX and functions the same as the decoderse used in movie theaters. Discrete 6. Remote Function button Using the supplied remote?

Parts description 1 A.

Sony STR-DB900 AV Receiver

Depending on the component, the above operation may not be possible or may operate differently as described. AV1 wd Selects the command mode for the remote control. AV2 wd Selects the command mode for the remote control. Use AV1 wd and AV2 to select the command mode of the remote.

Sony STR-DB900 AV Receiver

Note that the inputs are factory-set as described in the table above. Inputs are assigned to the components as follows. Remote Function button wf TV?

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Press to select the unit for search track, index, etc. ALT wl subtitles and no subtitles. Therefore, depending on the listen to 2 channel stereo sound. Using the supplied remote want is 10 or above. When operating a TV: Press to select 11th channel. H ea Press to start play. S r; Press to pause play or record, or press to start recording on components set to record standby.

Press to search tracks forwards or backwards. Depending on the component, the above operation may not be possible or may operate differently than described. Table of buttons used to control each component When you program the remote to control the following Sony or non-Sony components, you can use the buttons on the remote that are marked with circles in the table below.

SONY STRDB900 Remote Control Original

The supplied remote can control the following components 1 to Note that some buttons may not operate your component. Replace both batteries. Sony components. Start again from step 1. You can also select TV? The remote automatically exits the programming mode. To use the programmed input Press the programmed input buttons. If the command mode of the receiver and the remote is different, you cannot use the remote to operate the receiver. Using the supplied remote To reset the remote to factory settings Press? On cleaning Clean the cabinet, panel and controls with a soft cloth Additional Information slightly moistened with a mild detergent solution.

Do not use any type of abrasive pad, scouring powder or Precautions solvent such as alcohol or benzine. If you have any questions or problems concerning your On safety receiver, please consult your nearest Sony dealer. Should any solid object or liquid fall into the cabinet, unplug the receiver and have it checked by qualified personnel before operating it any further.

The operating voltage is indicated on the nameplate at the rear of the receiver. To disconnect the AC power cord, grasp the plug itself; never pull the cord. On heat buildup Although the unit heats up during operation, this is not a malfunction. Further, it is not a malfunction that the upper left corner of the unit heats up while the power is on.

If you continuously use this unit at a high volume, the cabinet temperature of the top, sides and bottom will rise considerably. To avoid burning yourself, do not touch the cabinet. On operation Before connecting other components, be sure to turn off and unplug the receiver. Turn problem. Should any problem persist, consult off the receiver, eliminate the short-circuit your nearest Sony dealer.

There is no sound from a specific component. There is no sound from one of the front There is a severe humming or noise. If only one channel is output from the transformer or motor, and at least 3 meters away headphones, the component may not be connected from a TV set or fluorescent light. Wipe them with a are fully inserted into the jacks on both the cloth slightly moistened with alcohol.

If both channels are There is no sound from the center speaker. Press may not be connected to the receiver correctly. Digital or DTS are not obvious. Check the audio setting of the EX logo. There is no sound or only a very low-level sound is heard. There is no sound or only a very low-level Radio stations cannot be tuned in. Press Adjust the antennas and connect an external A.

FIELD on the receiver page Preset the stations page The surround effects are not obvious. Press the display. Radio stations cannot be tuned in. Use manual tuning page FM reception is poor. If you connect the receiver to an receiver.