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One approach to do so is to inject pressurized oil directly into the bearing clearance through holes drilled across the bearing pads. By adjusting the injection pressure, it is possible to modify the dynamic characteristics of the bearing. A controllable lubrication regime is obtained, allowing to expand the operational boundaries of the original design. This work focuses on presenting an elasto-thermo-hydrodynamic model ETHD for the Tilting-Pad Journal Bearing, including the effect of the controllable lubrication system.

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The basic model is validated by comparing its results against theoretical and experimental results available in the literature. Then, the validated code is used to show the benefits of applying a controllable lubrication regime, by means of the modification of the thermal and dynamic behaviour of the bearing.

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The film of air that supports the shaft is created only by the rotation of the shaft itself. There are two foil journal bearings to prevent radial displacements and two thrust bearings to limit axial motion. The journal bearings have three layers of thin foils that impart a small preload on the shaft when the machine is not rotating.

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During starting, the foils get separated from the shaft due to the self-generated pressure, and the shaft becomes fully supported on a cushion of air at about rpm. The thrust bearings have a pair of washer-shaped bearing plates on which thin sector shaped foils are welded.

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These foils form an air wedge between the bearing and the shaft disk. When the shaft is stationary, the foils are touching the shaft disk, but as soon as the shaft starts turning, the foils lift-off and the shaft becomes airborne. This is the simple principle behind Hamilton Standard foil bearings, even though the implementation may be complex. Subscribers can view annotate, and download all of SAE's content. Browse Publications Technical Papers Citation: Agrawal, G.

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